Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi
Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi

Our principles

CONAIPP adheres to international agreements of mutual recognition MLWA having passed with a positive outcome, the specific evaluation process, which ensures the competence and procedural rigor of accreditation activities carried out. 
International agreements MLWA ensure the validity and equivalence of accreditation of certification bodies, inspection and analysis. Compliance with the requirements of the world is guaranteed by all States parties within the accreditation system and therefore the certification of products, systems and personnel, as well as test reports and inspection, issued under accreditation CONAIPP, are recognized and accepted in international level.


The activities of the CONAIPP are regulated and are therefore guaranteed to be ......

IMPARTIALITY: Inside the CONAIPP are represented in a balanced way the major institutional, scientific and technical, economic and social factors that have direct and indirect interest in the activities of accreditation and certification.

INDEPENDENCE: The accreditation is issued sure no particularism affects the process of conformity assessment. Even in the constitution of the audit team will carefully assess the independence of the Auditor.

KNOW HOW: The technical officials and inspectors CONAIPP follow appropriate professional training courses and refresher courses to guarantee the high level of performance audits, including through the maintenance and improvement of their qualification.

TRANSPARENCY: The rules of CONAIPP, comply with applicable international standards and guides are continually refined and developed through mechanisms based on consensus, through working groups, which are open to all interested parties

INTEGRITY': The verification activities are based on the maximum adherence to the principles of ethics and professional ethics and conduct shared and validated according to procedures that reduce ambiguity in interpretation of the requirements of the Rules.

ATTENTION TO THE MARKET: CONAIPP is engaged in the study and development of new accreditation schemes and in the drafting and revision of guidelines for uniform assessment of the reference standards, to meet the growing and diverse needs of the socio-economic world.

As a signatory of international agreements MLWA, CONAIPP - in the execution of its certification activities and control - reserves the right to make mistery audit, audit and audit without notice at extraordinary organizations certified under CONAIPP accreditation and to listen - even in a - Direct customers of certified organizations.

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