Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi
Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi

About us

The CONAIPP (International Committee for Standardization and Accreditation in Production Processes) is an independent international accreditation body. 
The CONAIPP born to enactment of the Consortium of Free Enterprise Quality & Safety, consisting of non-profit, and is composed solely of representatives of SMEs and associated consumer associations. 
The primary objective of CONAIPP is finalizing the requirements of the quality of the real market, in line with the business objectives and the safety of operators and customers, as well as, the implementation and the issue of standards in general and special, reserved for the regulation and acceptance of the requirements of quality and safety of production processes. These rules may provide for the partial or total adaptation to national or international standards, are specifically addressed to the services provided by SME of any production environment. 
Certification bodies responsible for the checks and inspection may be issued appropriate certificates of conformity, subject to the same accreditation body according to the procedures laid down in Regulation CONAIPP. 
The CONAIPP will evaluate the technical competence and professional competence of its own inspectors and assessors of compliance, in order to ensure the value and reliability of the certificates issued. 
The CONAIPP has the task of receiving and issuing standards in general and special, reserved for the regulation and the acceptance of standards of quality and safety. 
The Committee's activities are entrusted to four Task Force:

First Task Force: Activities for Standardization and Regulation

The activities of standardization and regulation are made on the basis of the specific sectoral needs and are carried out, usually with the aim of adapting to the needs of SME, the arrangements for the achievement of the required standards.

Second Task Force: Control of accreditation activities CB

Accreditation of Certification Body is a service carried out in the interest of the SME themselves and the end users who may be citizens but also the public administration when it resorts to external suppliers.

Third Task Force: Accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

The Commission shall verify the compliance of laboratories that require it, the technical requirements and management of the ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation came with the level of quality of work of a laboratory (test or calibration), verifying the compliance of the its management system and its internationally recognized expertise with regulatory requirements, and mandatory legislative requirements. Accreditation of Laboratory confers the same confidence and reliability of services provided.

Fourth Task Force: Evaluation and quality control processes and products

The task of the Fourth Board is the supervisory activities carried out by the Market CONAIPP. The satisfaction of customer requirements and, therefore, the achievement of public confidence on the services offered, it is one of the cornerstones on which moves CONAIPP. And just as free citizens, as well as companies, comprises one of the four committees on which is based the work of CONAIPP.


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