Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi
Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi

Our policy

The Politics of CONAIPP is defined in the following commitments:


  • The satisfaction of the needs of its customers is one of the main purposes of the Body and for this purpose, CONAIPP is committed to continuously improve the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the work done in order to be more competitive on the domestic and international markets, preserving the value and credibility of the certificates issued under accreditation through a rigorous control on how to deliver and maintain the certification, while promoting the appropriate cultural growth of certified organizations;


  • Ensure the technical and organizational requirements for laboratories seeking accreditation, in order to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the procedures used, the use of appropriate equipment, staff competence and impartiality in the evaluation of the results, by promoting where applicable, accreditation with flexible purpose;


  • Collaborate in the development and diffusion of standardization, in agreement with the Public Administrations, Business Organizations, Bodies for Standardization and the Parties concerned;


  • CONAIPP monitors the needs, expectations and satisfaction of the Operators and Conformity Assessment for all interested parties. The fulfillment of the Workers is another fundamental purpose which moves the body. It is believed, in fact, crucial to the achievement of maximum productivity, satisfaction of all stakeholders, the development of a quality culture, the establishment of a suitable working environment for the proper conduct of the activities, including through the empowerment and awareness the problems that may be encountered, of all the staff that work in the Organism.



  • Security, understood as the preservation of the physical and health staff, and especially as risk prevention, in all its aspects, both individually and collectively, is a goal to be achieved with perseverance, without savings or compromises.


CONAIPP is certain that the pursuit of such a policy would bring benefits to customers that concrete and Body, thus achieving the satisfaction of all parties involved in the activities of accreditation. This result is achieved by offering high quality services, obtained through the implementation of a Management System in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17011 and comply with the rules laid down by the International Agreements Mutual Recognition.

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Le attività di controllo sull'imparzialità e sulla politica del CONAIPP, sono esercitate da tutti i soci del consorzio Qualità & Sicurezza e dai rappresentanti dei consumatori

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