Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi
Comitato Internazionale per la Normazione e l'Accreditamento nei Processi Produttivi

What is Accreditation? 


Accreditation is a certification of the ability to operate that a person of recognized authority shall issue against anyone who plays a role in a given social context. 
In general, through accreditation, an entity that operates in a particularly important (health, safety, social, education, business transactions), where it is necessary competence, independence, honesty and organizational skills, is considered to be the "guardian" of the quality of the services provided. 

The accreditation certifies and attaches the credibility of those he declares conformity with a standard ......






















In the field of voluntary standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc.), certification bodies and testing laboratories are accredited by accreditation bodies that establish its authority mainly on spontaneous recognition of the market, which gives you value without that it is necessary sancirlo with mandatory laws. 
CONAIPP currency and ensures the skills of testing laboratories, calibration laboratories and certification bodies and inspection by applying the most rigorous standards of verification of their behavior, by continuously monitoring their performance over time and adhering to international agreements of mutual recognition

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